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AC Service Station

Recovering/Recycling/Recharging AC Service Station

 Recovering/Recycling/Recharging AC Service Station  AC1000(Item:220001)

Main Functions:
,Recycling (with air purge);
,Vacuum pump;
,Recharging with an electronic scale;
,AC system diagnosis;
,Oil drain and injection;
,Safety Valve for high pressure protection;

Operation Advantages:
,Large size LCD with blue background light and friendly interface makes it easy to use;
,Microprocessor Controlling;
,Key locking function prevents wrong operations;
,No special training required;
,Two recovering modes:
,Quick mode for timesaving;
,Complete mode for full recovery

Maintenance Advantages:
,Optic & acoustic status indicators;
,Maintenance message display;
,Heavy duty filter drier;
,High Performance Vacuum pump;


Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Refrigerant Tank: 27.5 lbs. (12.5 Kg)
Operating Temperature: 50-120H (11-47≧ )
Recycling Filter Drier: (164 cc)
Scale Resolution: 1/500 lbs. (0.001 Kg)
Pump Free Air Displacement: 2.5CFM (60L/M)
Dimensions: 46 ̄H〜27 ̄W〜16 ̄D (106〜68〜39cm)
Shipping Weight: Approx 167 lbs. (75Kg)

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